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Optimal Owner Care is a full-service timeshare management agency that helps our clients to optimize their existing timeshare ownership by enabling them to have a "Self-Sufficient" ownership.


What Is A "Self-Sufficient" Ownership?

Since points recycle every year and cash doesn't, we help our clients maximize their annual point usage so that they can not only cover their vacation costs, but they can also offset their maintenance fees and travel related expenses with their points as well. This enables our clients to stop worrying about when their next maintenance fees are going to be due and start focusing on enjoying their vacations!

How Does It Work?

Due to our extensive knowledge and experience managing 100’s of our clients’ ownerships over the years, we have the art of optimizing our clients’ accounts down to a science. By helping them get the most vacation for the least amount of points spent, it enables us to then rent out our clients’ remaining points via our partnership channels with some of the biggest Online Travel Agencies in the world (i.e.,

How Much Does It Cost?

Like any viable rental company, we never charge upfront for our services and we are only paid after we are successful renting for our clients. As far as our fee amount, we charge 45% of any rentals that we successfully facilitate.

A Little About Us

Our team consists of over 40 dedicated, rental professionals that have collectively helped rent out millions of our clients’ points over the last three and a half years. Thanks to some of our more recent partnerships with several major online travel agencies, there is no sign of our growth waning, and as a result, we actually anticipate that our staff will be over 100 people strong within the next 12 months. We are also on track to pass the “1 Billion points rented” point sometime within the next year as well!

What Our Clients Have To Say

Testimonial #1

"When we were first contacted by OOC, we hesitated to take the leap. We are sure glad we did because since March 2010, OOC has done everything they promised. When we call or e-mail, we get a quick reply. My husband and I trust OOC. OOC is handling 2+million points for us currently."

Testimonial #2

"I was skeptical but eager to try out a company that doesn't ask for money up front. Several days after signing up we had a week rented. The money came in a very timely manner. The whole process was very thorough and professional."   

Scott S. – Madison, WI (VIP Gold Owner)


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Testimonial #3

"Not only was it invaluable to learn how to offset our maintenance fees, but the staff is always willing and ready to help with any questions or issues we have with our timeshare.  Thanks to what they helped us accomplish, we paid off our 568,000 Myrtle Beach deed we recently bought in just 8 months!  We can honestly say that this has far exceeded our expectations financially, plus their professionalism and friendly manner has been outstanding!"

Milt & Cheryl M. – Kingwood, TX (VIP Platinum Owners)


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